SLF&GC // 2020

Upcoming Events

  • 4/15 + 4/16 - Hunting Safety Course

  • 4/19 - Adirondack Conservation Counsel Meeting @ 10am

  • 4/25 - Annual Bloody Mary Brunch Contest @ 10am

  • The Historic Side

    In 1927, the Schroon lake Fish & Game Club was founded by 18 men. They were excited and eager to start up a club that could focus on the conservation of our wildlife, marine life, and nature itself. Meetings were held in the Community House, and their main source of revenue came from poker games they held on the second Tuesday of every month. Conservation was the foundation of the club. However, they have participated in many other activities and events throughout their 75 years of history. The Club eventually purchased land for their club building. The land was once owned by Brown Swan and was loaned to the school as a ball field. After the Club purchased the land, they built the main club house, the same one that is there to accommodate the rapid growth of the Club. In the earlier years, the Club only accepted men into their club, but in the late 1970's, women gradually moved in and were accepted. Their contributions to the Club since then have been valuable and essential to the growth and prosperity of the Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club.


    Helping Kids: The club believes philanthrophy is important in the commmunity. Accordingly, they provide children with holiday activities as well as other projects and programs that bebefit the whole town. Baseball: The Club provides a field for little league and allows Schroon Lake Central School to use the field for the spring season. Scholarships: Camp Colby has helped kids to learn and understand mature and conservation. The club has sponsored many children to attend this wonderful camp for numerous years. Every year they sponsor two boys and two girls. The club also provides a scholarship every year to a Schroon Lake Central School graduate who is planning a career in conservation or a related course of study. Boy Scouts: The Club has been involved with the scouts for many years. they sponsor scouts to attend camp and also Eagle scouts, Club Scouts, Silver Beaver Awards for the scout masters, and workshops for scout training.
    The Club contributes to many local projects such as the River and Lake studies done by students at the SLCS and the SL Library reading programs. The Club sponsors workshops for teachers to attend camp and receive wilderness instructions. Becoming an Outdoor Women is a program for women to attend a wilderness camp and learn how to fish and participate in other outdoor activities.

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    Board Members

    President: Drew Hanchett

    Vice President: Mike Ames

    Treasurer: Alycia Moore

    Secretary: Tracy Hanchett

    Director: Dave Insull

    Director: Don Sage

    Director: Spencer McCoy

    Webmaster: Anna Hanchett

    Events Calendar

    FYI: The events calendar is constantly being updated!


    1. 1st: Fish Fry
    2. 5pm -7pm at the club house

    3. 2nd: Super Bowl Party
    4. at the club house

    5. 8th: Sophmore Class Cabin Fever Dinner
    6. 5pm - ? at the club house

    7. 15th: Annual Mark Heinzelman Poker Run Benefit
    8. 9am - ? at the club house

    9. 15th: Valentine's Day Party
    10. 5pm - ? at the club house


    1. 7th & 8th: Annual Ice Fishing Derby
    2. more info is on our website or facebook group


    1. 15th & 16th: Hunting Safety Course
    2. More details to come

    3. 19th: Adirondack Conservation Counsel Meeting
    4. 10am at the club house

    5. 25th: Annual Bloody Mary Brunch Contest
    6. 10am - ? at the club house

    Club Membership

    Please call 518-532-7953 if interested in becoming a member.

    Club Directions

    Club House Address:
    25 Game Club Road
    Schroon Lake, NY 12870

    You will turn onto Hoffman road coming off of Rt 9. You will pass a black fenced in cemetery on the right side of Hoffman road.
    At the end of the Black fence on the right hand side, you will see a small dirt driveway labeled
    25 Game Club Road with the Fish & Game Club sign. Pull down that driveway and you'll arrive at the Club house.

    Contact Information

    Club House Phone: 518-532-7572


    Club House Address:
    25 Game Club Road
    Schroon Lake, NY 12870

    Club events: 518-532-7953

    Annual Ice Fishing Derby

    March 7th & 8th 2020

    28th Annual Ice Fishing Derby Winners 2020

    Northern Pike:

    1st - Nick Santiago 27.38 lbs
    2nd - Stan Kaster 16.07 lbs
    3rd - Darrel Clark 13.30 lbs

    Lake Trout:

    1st - Richard Graves 6.33 lbs
    2nd - Darrel Clark 5.84 lbs
    3rd - Dawson DeZalia 5.63 lbs


    1st - Conner Cleveland 2.47 lbs
    2nd - Paul Hansen 2.08 lbs
    3rd - Colt Russell 1.99 lbs

    Perch: Aaron Strom 1.75 lbs

    Pickerel: Mike Graver 3.83 lbs


    - Pack Basket: Ethan Trombley
    - Jet Sled: Stephan Sheffield
    - Portable Shanty: Emmer
    - Vexilar: Ethan Farris
    - 50/50: Stan Kosten

    Thank you to everyone that came out and fished. Congratulations to our winners!
    Also a thank you to our volunteers for all their help over the weekend.
    Whether you fished or volunteered you all make the derby a huge success.
    We thank you again! See you all next year!


    The Ice Fishing Derby is always the first full weekend of March!


    You can fish from daylight Saturday to 4pm on Sunday for Lake Trout, Perch, Pickerel, Salmon and Pike.

    Registration is $15.00 per person.

    Tickets are on sale at the following locations from 1/13-2/28

    -The Fish & Game Club House (open fri & sat @5pm)
    -Sticks & Stones Restaurant
    -Flanagan's Pub
    -Timberwolf Pub
    -Crossroads Bait Shop
    -Schroon Lake Bait & Tackle

    The weekend of the derby (fri-sun) tickets will ONLY be available for purchase at the Club house, ALL weekend long. Except on Friday night, they will also be available for purchase at the Flanagans Pub in Schroon lake between 5-8pm.

    Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd will be awarded based on weight for Lake Trout, N. Pike and Salmon. Also for heaviest Perch & Pickerel.

    NEW**Saturday at the club house will be a Fish Fry Dinner - $15.00 a person. What time? This will be posted the weekend of the derby.

    Club bar is also open all weekend!

    Door Prizes Awarded!!

    For tickets or more info please call 518-532-7953 or join the club FB group page listed below.
    The fishing derby is NOT a sponsored event

    Club group FB page: Club Facebook Group HERE
    The club page will have frequent fish updates!! So make sure to join!


    After this year we will no longer be sending out letters in the mail for the yearly derby newsletter. Instead we will be doing so by email! If you’d like to receive the newsletter please fill the form out that is linked below.

    If you attend the derby this year, there is a line when you fill out your derby ticket for you to provide your email address. Again this is for the derby newsletter. If you’d like to receive the newsletter by email or continue to receive it, please fill it out.
    Thank you!

    Do you want to receive the newsletter by email? CLICK HERE

    Annual Chicken & Lobster Bake

    September 12th 2020

    Starts at noon, more info to come!

    Annual Big Buck Contest

    Info here

    Hunting Courses

    Info here

    Snowmobile Courses

    Info here

    Kids Fishing Derby

    Info here