SLF&GC // 2020

Upcoming Events

  • 2/1 - Fish Fry 5-7pm
  • 2/2 - Super Bowl Party
  • 2/7 - Sophmore Class Cabin Fever Dinner 5pm-?
  • 2/15 - Annual Mark Heinzelman Poker Run Benefit & Valentines Day Party
  • March 7th & 8th - Annual Ice Fishing Derby

  • The Historic Side

    In 1927, the Schroon lake Fish & Game Club was founded by 18 men. They were excited and eager to start up a club that could focus on the conservation of our wildlife, marine life, and nature itself. Meetings were held in the Community House, and their main source of revenue came from poker games they held on the second Tuesday of every month. Conservation was the foundation of the club. However, they have participated in many other activities and events throughout their 75 years of history. The Club eventually purchased land for their club building. The land was once owned by Brown Swan and was loaned to the school as a ball field. After the Club purchased the land, they built the main club house, the same one that is there to accommodate the rapid growth of the Club. In the earlier years, the Club only accepted men into their club, but in the late 1970's, women gradually moved in and were accepted. Their contributions to the Club since then have been valuable and essential to the growth and prosperity of the Schroon Lake Fish & Game Club.


    Helping Kids: The club believes philanthrophy is important in the commmunity. Accordingly, they provide children with holiday activities as well as other projects and programs that bebefit the whole town. Baseball: The Club provides a field for little league and allows Schroon Lake Central School to use the field for the spring season. Scholarships: Camp Colby has helped kids to learn and understand mature and conservation. The club has sponsored many children to attend this wonderful camp for numerous years. Every year they sponsor two boys and two girls. The club also provides a scholarship every year to a Schroon Lake Central School graduate who is planning a career in conservation or a related course of study. Boy Scouts: The Club has been involved with the scouts for many years. they sponsor scouts to attend camp and also Eagle scouts, Club Scouts, Silver Beaver Awards for the scout masters, and workshops for scout training.
    The Club contributes to many local projects such as the River and Lake studies done by students at the SLCS and the SL Library reading programs. The Club sponsors workshops for teachers to attend camp and receive wilderness instructions. Becoming an Outdoor Women is a program for women to attend a wilderness camp and learn how to fish and participate in other outdoor activities.

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    Board Members

    President: Drew Hanchett

    Vice President: Mike Ames

    Treasurer: Alycia Moore

    Secretary: Tracy Hanchett

    Director: Dave Insull

    Director: Don Sage

    Director: Spencer McCoy

    Webmaster: Anna Hanchett

    Events Calendar


    1. 1st: Fish Fry
    2. 5pm -7pm at the club house

    3. 2nd: Super Bowl Party
    4. at the club house

    5. 7th: Sophmore Class Cabin Fever Dinner
    6. 5pm - ? at the club house

    7. 15th: Annual Mark Heinzelman Poker Run Benefit
    8. 9am - ? at the club house

    9. 15th: Valentine's Day Party
    10. 5pm - ? at the club house


    1. 7th & 8th: Annual Ice Fishing Derby
    2. more info is on our website or facebook group


    1. 15th & 16th: Hunting Safety Course
    2. More details to come

    3. 19th: Adirondack Conservation Counsel Meeting
    4. 10am at the club house

    5. 25th: Annual Bloody Mary Brunch Contest
    6. 10am - ? at the club house

    Club Membership

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    Club Directions

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    Contact Information

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    Annual Ice Fishing Derby

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    Annual Chicken & Lobster Bake

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    Annual Big Buck Contest

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    Hunting Courses

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    Snowmobile Courses

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    Kids Fishing Derby

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